• Get High Quality Traffic:

    Work with our marketing strategists to craft a custom
    marketing and media plan to drive high quality traffic
    and downloads for your websites and apps.

  • Optimize Your Marketing

    Review results and make adjustments in real-time by
    eliminating poor sources and doubling-down
    on quality traffic.

  • Spend Only On What

    Pay only for performance when you advertise with our mobile
    and web ad networks. With our preferred network and preferential
    pricing model, you only pay when a media partner delivers a
    qualifying customer.

  • Engage and Re-engage:

    Use our in-app messaging and inbox features
    to serve up engaging content and relevant offers.

  • Track Marketing Success
    Across Campaigns:

    Measure ROI for all links used to promote your app.
    See which e-mail campaigns, social media posts, or channels
    drive the most traffic and downloads.

We help clients acquire engaged users for their apps and websites.


Acquire high quality web and app traffic through our sophisticated media network.


Drive paying and engaged users for your apps.


Track effectiveness in real-time. Spend only on what works.

Trusted by:

Bonnier Deakin Entrepreneur GJ Harris Publications Hearst Immediate Media Meredith Rodale Ten Time Inc. Wenner Media Ziff Davis Haymarket Group

Oplytic helps us drive engaged users for our magazine apps. They also help us measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns across all our digital brands, so we can measure customer lifetime value by campaign source.


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