Tech Specs

As you get set up to use the Oplytic software, we can customize what your SDK will measure. In-app purchases, application-collected user data (i.e. e-mails), referrer data, location data (if collected by application), and more can be connected back to the link or marketing campaign used to drive the user directly to your apps in any store.

Privacy is our priority. The SDK does not use UDID or system MAC addresses.

Some tech specs to put your team at ease:

  • No third party library dependencies means no conflicts with your own code
  • Sophisticated background threading reduces impact on main application.
  • Communication with analytics server via standard SSL encryption to enhance user privacy.
  • Supports iOS and Android.
  • Supports offline caching of analytic data in case of missing network access or airplane mode.
  • Data collected and analyzed on cloud-based enterprise level servers.