About us

About us

Oplytic, formerly eMagazines, is a mobile marketing analytics and engagement software that improves sales and marketing effectiveness and helps enterprises run smarter mobile marketing, communication, and sales programs.

It is our mission to embolden marketers to pursue their enterprise mobile strategies by helping them analyze their marketing and communication efforts, execute powerful tactics to engage users, and optimize media in channels that map to their objectives.

We believe that communicating via apps and measuring the effectiveness of that communication will be one of the primary communication protocols for enterprises and organizations. Regardless of whether it is for the purposes of customer marketing, employee communication, or sales force enablement, mobile will be an integral part of how enterprises communicate.

To support this vision, Oplytic has built a global platform with a diverse client base. Our clients include seven of the top 10 magazine publishers in the United States, five of the top 10 publishers in Europe, large professional member organizations, and more recently a large university in Australia.

We are dedicated to serving the mobile community with products and services that help its members make informed and educated decisions.