Deep Linking

Fingerprints and Advertising IDs aren’t good enough for your best affiliate partners. Super affiliates need to know that they will get credit every time a user is sent to your app. Last click attribution is the baseline for performance marketing. Once you know who drove the last click, that data is added to your affiliate networks' conversion flow analysis and you can set appropriate commission rules.

Oplytic synchronizes with your product taxonomy so building links is intuitive. Any marketing manager can login and quickly build and test links.

Custom Interstitial

Reinforce promotions and control messaging to potential app downloaders with a custom interstitial. Update the interstitial in the Oplytic dashboard and help publishers improve the customer journey to your app and an in-app purchase.

Afilliate Integration

Option 1: Add code

Your publishers, media partners and affiliates have the option to install some code that will seamlessly flow traffic directly to your app or to the app store to download.

Option 2: Don't add code

Your partners can link to your app and benefit from Oplytic tracking without any code. Publishers will never miss a commission and you can activate your entire affiliate network without asking anyone to install code.


Integrate with Omniture, Google Analytics or your favorite customer data platform.

Ready to amplify your app user acquisition through affiliate?

Oplytic is the easiest way to precisely track on last click and leverage your affiliate network for app user acquisition.

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