Our software and services are applicable across industries, but we have deeper experience in some over others. We cut our teeth on large consumer publishing giants nearly three years ago, but the versatility and effectiveness of our company has created demand across a variety of industries. Here’s how clients are utilizing our software.

Media and Publishing

With more than 1 million apps available in the iTunes store and downloads approaching 40 billion in 2016, standing out and getting discovered in the App Store is a challenge.

We help publishers:

  • Improve rankings and discoverability in their mobile app store
  • Drive paying and engaged users to their apps

Clients include Time Inc. Bonnier and Meredith.

Member Organizations

With little growth in membership numbers, professional organizations are looking to save costs, acquire new members through new apps, and engage existing members through the web and mobile channel.

We help member organizations:

  • Attract new segments of members
  • Reach broader audiences
  • Drive traffic to their website
  • Drive app downloads for their apps

Clients include AARP, AADE and AAA

Direct Selling Organizations

Sales reps in the field meet with prospects and share information on their smartphones and tablets. Marketers want to know which content truly helps the reps engage their clients and facilitate the sale of a product.

We help marketers:

  • Track which products are being reviewed with clients in the field
  • Credit reps and attribute resulting sales to marketing
  • Share best practices across the field sales force

Clients include Amway.