Helping you run
smarter mobile marketing

Oplytic provides mobile app publishers with:

  • Marketing Analytics

    • In-app conversion activity: Connect the dots between any campaign and/or individual and the resulting in-app purchase when sending traffic directly to your app.
    • Cross-app promotion tracking: Track the effectiveness of cross-promotions and target similar readers of multiple apps.
    • Smart app banner tracking: Track the effectiveness of mobile device banners that direct customers to download your app.
    • Custom URL & deep link tracking: Track unlimited events and patterns from every corner of your app.
    • Push notification tracking: Track the effectiveness of alert notifications.
  • Marketing Engagement

    • Engage users through an ongoing dialog: Use our message center and in-app messaging feature to reduce app abandonment and increase app engagement.
    • Enhance the customer experience: Deep links allow you to take users directly to relevant content for the best customer experience.
    • Easy-to-use campaign development and management dashboard: Built for marketers, it takes just minutes to build and track campaigns.
    • CRM integration: Pull app activity data into your CRM so you can see an end-to-end view of the customer lifecycle.
    • Gift-with-Purchase Offers: Reward an in-app action with gift card vouchers and identify customers who make purchases in real time.
    • Desktop and mobile user flows: Redirect customers from their desktops to their mobile devices to improve conversion rates.
    • Power campaign link builder: Easily build campaign links for hundreds of campaigns.
    • Unlimited customization: Append unlimited custom variables to get exceptionally granular analytics.
  • Marketing Optimization

    • Ad network integration: Turnkey integration with all top media networks. If by chance we are not integrated with one you'd like to work with, let us know and we'll make it happen.
    • Affiliate network integration: Effortlessly set up affiliates on our platform to help spread the word and drive incremental traffic and revenue for your app.
    • Agency account integration: We play well with agencies. We create accounts for them to track and measure the campaigns they run for you.
    • Facebook & Twitter App Install ad tracking: Track the impact of Facebook or Twitter app install ads. Some of the most engaged users come from social media and Oplytic tracks the effectiveness of your social marketing spend.
    • Google Adwords tracking: Measure the effectiveness of Google Adwords and Google targeted App Install ads.