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Connect to your affiliate network and expand discovery and app use

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Precise tracking on last click

Forget about fingerprinting: Oplytic provides precise mobile tracking required for app-to-app and mWeb-to-app tracking needed for affiliate partnerships.

Users link to the right page – even on first install
Publishers earn more money
Merchants acquire high quality app users
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Pay for Performance

Connect your affiliate network to your app acquisition campaigns and pay partners when they drive a download or in-app purchase.

Publishers earn revenue when users shop in your app
Capitalize on your mature affiliate program to acquire app users
Achieve a high ROI with low risk
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Oplytic integrates seamlessly with your affiliate network and partners and connects to your mobile analytics platform, web analytics platform, CRM to get the full measurement picture.

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Trusted by the best

Oplytic's deep linking and app tracking solution helped connect the dots for their independent business owners and customers.

Oplytic connected its tracking with Appsflyer for all of Swap's app sales.

Oplytic measures the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across its mobile apps so Meredith can view customer LTV by source.

I have used and worked with many SDK/SaaS mobile analytical companies in the past over the last 6 years on many diverse native IOS/Android apps. I have to say, Oplytic in terms of attribution data, SDK integration support, and overall technology, they are hands down the best I have worked with and highly recommend them for any mobile first company."

- Chad Smalley, Swap Head of Mobile, Growth Strategy Team

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